Hidden Camera Detector Anti Spy Gadget Professional Hunter Signal Infrared GPS Wiretapping Search Devices Security Protection

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  • Model Number: GS40
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Smart home platform: Other,NONE
  • Certification: CE
  • Feature 1: security protection
  • Feature 2: Hidden camera
  • Feature 3: spy gadgets
  • Feature 4: Bug mini
  • Feature 5: security-protection
  • Feature 6: camera detector
  • Feature 7: Infrared Alarm Detector Alarm
  • Feature 8: Hotel Infrared Anti-Candid Pinhole Camera Anti Camera
  • Feature 9: Wiretapping bug
  • Feature 10: all signal jammer
  • Feature 11: imsi catcher gsm
  • Feature 12: spy camera hidden
  • Feature 13: Anti Spy Wireless RF Signal Detector Bug GSM GPS Tracker
  • Feature 14: Infrared Anti Candid Hidden Camera Detector
  • Feature 15: Automation Alarm System
  • Feature 16: mini hidden spy camera
  • Feature 17: gps tracker
  • Feature 18: car gadgets
  • Feature 19: all signal jammer Bug mini
  • Feature 20: hidden camera detector
  • PK 1: K18
  • For 21: discreet spy camera
  • For 22: gadget
  • For 23: hacker devices
  • For 24: hidden spy mini camera
  • For 25: gps signal inhibitor
  • For 26: jammer signal blocker 3g 4g 5g wifi
  • For 27: hidden shower camera
  • For 28: hunter signal
  • For 29: spy accessories
  • For 30: Small hidden camera
  • For 31: hidden shower Camera spy Detector
  • For 32: powerful wave jammer
  • For 33: all signal jammer

Anti Spy Hidden Camera Detector Wireless RF All Signal Bug Car GPS Tracker Infrared Search Security Protection Gadget PK K18 K68

Main functions:

1,Reflection point detection of visual camera2,Automatic sensing infrared night vision camera3,Automatic sensing 2/3/4G, WIFI, GPS signal detection

Product features:

5 φ5 LED lightsIntegrated 5 ultra-high-power laser LEDs, the red light emitted is quite harsh do not face the human eye, it will damage the eyesight
Built-in 200mAh batteryBuilt-in 200 mAh lithium battery, charge 1 hour can be full, full once can standby for 2 months
Wavelength 600nm long-pass filterProfessional 600nm long-pass filter, only through the 600nm or more wavelengths of light! Exactly the same material as the professional SLR camera lens. You can see, the glass here from the outside looks discolored, not ordinary plastic sheet, we do not design that kind of junk material.

Integrated infrared sensor photosensitive

Can be sensitive to sense the night vision camera, because the night vision camera is to rely on infrared light to shoot. Usually we are inside the hotel room, with the lights off, closed doors and windows, think others can not see it, no, others with infrared cameras, in the dark environment can see clearly. So we have to match one of these special infrared camera equipment

Built-in professional RF antenna

Professional walkie-talkie manufacturers supply special tuning antenna, signal band wide, good anti-interference ability

2 / 3 / 4G traffic signal, WIFI signal, GPS signal capture sensing

Generally seen on the market wireless surreptitious camera, remote recording bug, GPS locator, tracker, are used to insert cell phone traffic card or wifi connection, only the traffic card and wifi connection they can transmit the data recorded secretly. Therefore, our signal detector, it can be very accurate to capture the signal when it uploads and downloads data, once the device has data flow, you can immediately sense it.

We have 6 signal indicators, the more lights prove the stronger the signal, accompanied by a buzzer beeping.

The GPS locator works in a special way, it is not always emitting signals, it is sending signals at intervals. For example, our live demonstration of this GPS it is 30 seconds to launch once, so we use the signal detector detection, must be patient detection, do not move too fast.

Signal Detection: Security Guard Camera Detector

Anti-recording, anti-candid photography, anti-video, anti-GPS tracking, one is enough

Product Features:

Innovation and upgrade technology
Complete functions and wide range of applications
Anti-positioning, remote recorder, wireless camera, anti-GPS tracking, anti-radiation, anti-shielding

Laser detection:

There are no omissions in the detection, and it has the strength of military detectives. The laser detection can accurately detect various cameras, including dormant cameras and external infrared cameras that cannot be detected by ordinary people.

A new generation of privacy security guardians:

Let the location of candid photos surface, and privacy and security are guaranteed

Light and small, detects large energy

Function 1

Wide area RF signal detection
Wider/more accurate signal reception
It has detective capabilities and a radio frequency GSM antenna, which can receive wider and more accurate signals. It can detect wired cameras, wireless cameras, infrared cameras, remote recorders with sim cards, GPS locators with sim cards, 2G/3G signal transmitters, 2.4Gwifi signal transmitters and other products with radio frequency radiation.

Function 2

Infrared sensor alarm/automatic buzzer alarm
When encountering infrared night vision equipment, it will make a strong cry. Note: This mode must be used in a dark environment, because the infrared rays contained in sunlight will affect the device and cause the device to sound an alarm.
Detection objects: night vision cameras, any device that emits infrared rays

Function 3

Red light laser detects reflection points
Through a high-brightness red LED laser and a special optical filter, you can visually observe whether there is a camera device in the surrounding environment, and use the physical properties of the camera device’s optical lens, which is a glass lens material, to reflect light to determine the location of the camera device.

Long-distance detection and scanning, leaving the camera nowhere to hide

RF signal detection mode detection distance: emission source within 2m distance
RED red light reflection point detection mode detection distance: emission source within 10m distance
IR red infrared detection mode detection distance: emission source within 10m distance

Intelligent and sensitive chip, anti-locator

Newly upgraded sensitive chip, 10Mhz-5GHz broadband
It can detect all locators and accurately track and find the transmitting position of the wireless eavesdropper.

Detect GPS positioning: Vehicle GPS position detection

There are endless locators on the market, which ordinary people cannot identify with the naked eye. As long as this device receives the signal from the locator, it can alarm and remind you, and can quickly find the location of the locator.

USB fast charging

One charge can last for 720 hours of continuous standby
It is equipped with a 200mAh lithium battery and supports USB charging, eliminating the trouble of frequent battery replacement. It does not need to be charged for a month after charging. It can be used continuously for 24 hours in reverse shooting mode.

Business secrets will not be disclosed

Card wireless remote recording, Trojan horse wireless remote recording, prevent the leakage of business secrets from causing losses to other companies

Your privacy bodyguard is a reliable privacy guardian

Applicable to the following cameras:
GPS positioning tracking, watch camera, small camera, light bulb camera, switch camera, plug camera, in-ear remote recording, car charger remote recording, U disk remote recording, mobile phone remote recording
Applicable scenarios: bathroom, hotel, apartment, office space, home, any corner

Simple mode switch key:

IR infrared sensor
RED red light reflection point
RF radio frequency signal detection

1. Frequency range: 100MHz~8GHz, 2.4G: 10 square meters (standard 10mw);
2. Detection range: 1.2G: 10 square meters (standard 10mw), mobile phone band 83G, 4 signals: 15 square meters;
3. Power supply: built-in 200mAh polymer chain battery, fully charged in 2 hours, please use 5V1A charger to charge
4. Detection working current: 60-110mA
5. Lens detection: ① Red light laser scanning; detection distance 0.1-5 meters ② Infrared automatic detection wavelength 760nm-980nm (near infrared light) detection distance 3-5 meters)
6. Alarm mode: sound/intensity visual
7. Volume: 109*48*12
8.Material: PC+ABS
9. Weight: 50g
10. Continuous working time: continuous working up to about 2 hours, automatic shutdown after 20 minutes of no operation

Application range:

1. laser 5 ~ 10 meters can be, the general room floor distance from the ceiling is 3 meters, usually installed in a corner of the ceiling sneak peek equipment2. Infrared induction 5 ~ 10 meters can be, the general room floor distance from the ceiling is 3 meters, usually installed in the ceiling of a corner of the sneak peek equipmentWe hold the device, the light-sensing head is facing the front, walking around the room, if this time the device beeping, indicating that there is infrared transmitting equipment in front. Note that the device sensing angle is 30 degrees, if too far or not directly in front, is not received infrared.(This function needs to be used in a dark environment, because there are infrared rays in the daytime environment, such as sunlight, and the device will also issue an alarm, so using it in a dark environment can ensure the accuracy of infrared detection)3. The range of signal sensing is within 2 meters, we generally need to hold the device, scanning in each corner of the room.After using the signal detector, the first known signal sources in the room to close, such as routers off, cell phones off, etc., so as to accurately rank the remaining unknown signal sources out.

What is in the packaging box:

Detector * 1USB charging cable * 1Instructions * 1


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